The Renaissance Personality’s Guide to Success



“A book to help people born with multiple passions succeed in a world designed to force you into a singular existence.”

I’m sure you have taken one of those personality tests that tell you which one of four personalities is your dominant and which is possibly your second. But what about those of us who fall right in the center? Both introverted and extroverted? Both thinkers and doers? Both submissive and dominant? We struggle, that’s what. The education system, the social system, and the professional system tell us that we’re singularly one of these personalities. But there are those of us who are more than one thing. We have multiple passions, multiple interests, and while we can be happy doing any one of those, we can’t be happy doing just one thing. For those of you who expect to live many lives in this one lifetime, this book gives you a plan on how to accomplish everything that you want and achieve the many passions you have as a Renaissance Personality.

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